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What is Arklam?

Arklam is an innovative large format sintered mass solution that stands out for its strength, durability and design and that has been created specifically for the most exclusive and demanding projects. The Arklam Super Size range is made up of two lines of products well differentiated according to their thickness and applications.

Arklam 3 mm and 6 mm, in 1200x3000, 1000x3000, 1500x2600 and 1200x2600 formats, is a perfect material for paving and covering all types of interior and exterior surfaces, ventilated facades and even covering furniture. Its outstanding characteristics are guaranteed by the NAN Architecture and Construction Prize for the best product of its category in Spain.

For its part, Arklam 12 mm and 20 mm (1600x3200) are a solution specially created for kitchen worktops and benches, which has extraordinary features for this type of functionality.

What is Arklam?



Maximum strength with minimum thickness. Arklam is a synthesized mass with a higher density than other materials used to coat surfaces and its durability is totally guaranteed.

Super Size

Big in size, big in performance.
With Arklam all the advantages are XXL.


Arklam is an extremely light product, a quality that facilitates handling and placement, and contributes to achieving a perfect finish, always at the height of projects.


Because variety is the taste. Arklam Super Size Collection allows you to choose from a rich diversity of designs of all styles. Each series presents differentiated graphics to obtain personalized and abundant finishes in shades.


Arklam is absolute trend. Exclusivity and avant-garde aesthetics to dress every space in a modern way. Arklam is fashion with a timeless character.


Arklam is the result of a constant commitment to technological innovation. The latest advances in R&D incorporated into the manufacturing process allows us to enjoy a product with extraordinary qualities.


Arklam worktops meet the highest demands in terms of functionality, hygiene and everyday use, as well as aesthetics. Resistance, durability, impermeability and easy maintenance are the main characteristics of the Arklam Countertops range.

Manufactured in large format (1600x3200) in sintered mass, Arklam worktops incorporate a high level of design with the aim of offering a wide selection of finishes and exclusive models that adapt perfectly to the needs of professionals in interior design and kitchen decoration.

Only inorganic materials (not resins or additives) are used in the manufacture of Arklam worktops, which, after a sintering process, result in an ultra-compact and ultra-resistant surface that is not altered by extreme heat or cold or by the action of ultraviolet rays. It is also totally resistant to cuts, blows and impacts. And, in addition to not scratching itself, it is absolutely waterproof, as it is a non-porous material, which allows maximum hygiene and facilitates cleaning.

Arklam Countertops is a product that respects the environment, as its manufacturing, transport, handling and maintenance processes minimize the consumption of energy resources and the generation of waste.

Environmental policy

Environmental policy


LEED certificate that guarantees compliance with a set of rules on the use of strategies aimed at sustainability in buildings.

Savings and reductions


Recycling of wastewater in the manufacturing process. Savings of up to 10 million litres/year.
Recycling of cardboard, plastics and metals.


Use of recycled raw materials.


Reduction of particles and fluorinated compounds per m2.


Consumption of natural gas in the production of tiles.


Consumption of clay in the production of tiles.
Reduction of CO 2 .
Reduction of emissions of sulphur compounds, nitrogen and carbon monoxide.
Consumption of inks in the decoration of the pieces with technology IPLUS.
Reduction and packaging.


Our company

Arklam is backed by the Saniceramic Group, a solid company with extensive business experience and whose activity extends to more than 120 countries around the world. Since its creation, Arklam has been consolidating itself as a reference product for professionals in architecture, interior design and decoration.

Our MISSION is to be a leader in the sector, offering our customers innovative products, based on quality and excellence in service, and generating value for customers, partners and society in general.

Our VISION is to be a brand recognized throughout the world for our products, services, solutions and capacity for innovation.

Our main VALUES are: leadership, as we aspire to go further; collaboration with partners, customers and society; quality, a value that leads us every day to want to be better; responsibility to our customers, collaborators, employees and society; diversity, as we offer a wide variety of ceramic products and solutions in markets around the world; and commitment because we are a company that gradually promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our company